DENISIM Limited is a family owned and operated company. Established in 1989 the company’s major activity is to manufacture and supply high quality ladies’ and gent’s ready-to-wear clothes. Our aim is to provide excellent services, comfort and confidence to our clients, while at the same time, ensuring excellent working conditions for the employees in the factory. DENISIM is a company with established European quality standards for production. Our factory is situated in Varna – Bulgaria. Our company has been working with various European retailers and other customers from all around the globe. We are well known as a company with credible name and excellent reputation. Our experience gives us a competitive advantage among many companies; we are flexible and able to adapt easily to the specific requirements of our customers.We are improving, developing and expanding our services on a day-to-day basis.



up-to-date machinery park, excellent quality control



design and pattern making, sourcing of fabric and trims, DDP terms



high quality in shorter leading time within Europe



DENISIM can offer to its clients service from any point – CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) giving a full range of Product Development – Design and Pattern Making, as well as sourcing fabric and trims. The vision of DENISIM is to produce high quality clothing, being recognized as one of the leading Bulgarian manufacturer.

Design and Cutting Department

To meet fast-changing consumer demand and remain globally competitive, fashion and soft goods companies must deliver broader product selection, constant product innovation, and greater value.Our design department is equipped with CAD CAM Systems. We are specialized in pattern making,grading, sampling.With the use of the latest CAD CAM System, we are able to control the fabric utilization and to ensure strict and quality cutting. The software, offers conversion of style data from all known CAD systems: Assyst, Mycrodynamics, Lectra, Gerber, Grafics, etc.;The cutting room is equipped with cutting machines and latest technology systems. The whole cutting process is being carefully monitored.

Sewing Department

The production is organized in three production units – sewing hall, specialized in overcoats, jackets and other types of upper clothing; sewing hall qualified in production such as jeans, trousers and skirts; department for samples making. DENISIM has a production capacity around 4000 pcs of outerwear or 7000 pcs of trousers and skirts monthly. The production department is equipped with up to date machinery including the brands: Duerkopp Adler, Brother, Juki, Pfaff, Maier. We can also offer to our clients professional enzyme washing, softening and drying of clothes within our factory.

Finishing and packaging

Due to the flexibility of our products the final pressing is performed skilfully by hand and by some special ironing presses. The ironing department is equipped with automats of the german brand ‘INDUPRESS’ for collars and lapels, sleeves, shoulders and others.All the garments go through 3 quality controls until they are being packet presizely.


Located within the company’s area, we have a warehouse (300 m/q) for fabrics and trims, and ready garments, fully equipped with all the necessary equipment about the proper keeping of the goods.


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